Dear Parents,

Etoile F.C. Academy is operated by Kickstart Consulting. Led by a former French professional player, EFC Academy is the first and only European academy in Singapore which aims to unify all the social, cultural and ethnical layers of the society through the practice of football.

It’s a fact, Sport has positive effects on our kids’ life.

Youths reap many benefits from sports, which cultivates self-discipline and esteem, a healthier body and stronger relationships with adults and their peers. The skills they develop through sports very often apply to other activities and commitments, such as academic performance and family relationships.

Our goal at EFC Academy is simple: we want to help your kids develop their physical and mental strengths simultaneously through certified pedagogical football programs adapted to suit their age. We are still a young academy in Singapore, but you already have many reasons to choose EFC Academy.

  • Professional – our qualified coaches will guide your kids all the way to the success.
  • Social – let your kids be part of the squad, without a hefty price tag!

So, are you ready to offer your kid an exciting sport experience?

Important: Children from low income families will be sponsored upon approval.

Saturday morning 10am. Call for reservation.

Sincerely, EFC Academy Team.